President Duterte Vows To Pull Back Spratlys Claim in Order to Preserve 'Friendship' With China!


"I will ask the Navy to bring me to the nearest boundary… sasakay ako ng jetski, daladala ko yung flag ng Filipino at pupunta ko dun sa airport nila tapos itatanim ko and I will say this is ours and do what you want with me.”, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte boldly proclaimed before he was elected to the nation's highest office, but it looks like the winds have changed.

In his recent state visit to Riyadh, he officially pulled back on his vow as he would like to “value” the friendship of China

“I will not go to any of the islands. Maybe I will send my son, just to show that our claim is clearly good for all generations of Filipinos,” he said 

Of course, he was referring to the islands that are in the West Philippine Sea called the “Spratlys Islands.” 

From the arbitration case vs. China (that we WON), to the military installations China has in the vicinity, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the situation. 

That’s not all! Filipino fishermen were driven out of the sea as poachers were caught left and right.

Before, the President was very vocal about the fight. From the aforementioned “jetski” remark to these ones right here:

“I have ordered the armed forces to occupy all these islands and put up the Philippine flag”

“This coming Independence Day, I may go to Pagasa to raise the flag. We want to make a strong point that that is ours,”

The President cited that his new stand on the subject was the cause for the resumed export of local bananas and pineapples to China.

Of course, most netizens are not happy with the situation:

"So he loves China more than he loves the Philippines? He just fooled everyone by the Jetski metaphor. The best comedian ever." - Mark Benedict Sarsonas

"What's new? Laban at bawi lang alam nito gawin. Sa 10 sinasabi, 11 ang hindi totoo.. bwahahaha.. ?? ?? #attacktrolls" - Yul Avestruz

"DU30 logic - forget about our sovereignty, no more flag raising and our rights- basta friends kami ng China's President." - Joseph Galvez

"How many times has this guy flipflopped on not just his campaign promises but even on his actual pronouncements while in office and saw once more an opportunity for him to do something more politically expedient and possibly benefit him or his buddies while they're in power?! he will drain this country dry after 6 years!" - Viju Girao

"How can you be a friend with someone who is robbing and threatening you? Can somebody explain that? This is a pure act of cowardice and submission. Period." - Lito C. Ijan

Of course, there are people who still blindly support the President:

"Ano ba naman kayo hindi na kayo nasanay sa mahal na tatay digong, ganyan lang talaga siya , magaling siya sa strategy, sa sampung sinabi niya walang totoo kahit isa , kaya huwag kayo maniwala agad agad joke joke lang yun nasa mukha naman di ba kamukha ni joker" - Francisco Masagnay Almada

"I think this is his strategy especially with the brewing war between north korea, russia and US. And with the possible participation of china. We cant go against this countries." - Wara Doll 

"Sus ang daming mga negative dito. Di niyo kasi ramdam anv pagbabago. Nang naging kaibigan natin ang tsina. Nabuksan muli ang trade natin with the largeat market sa buong mundo. Masaya kaming taga mindanao at may kalalagyan na ang mga prutas namin. Ngayon short na kami sa volume so mah opportunity na kami magpalawak ng aming sakahan. Palibhasa puro gyera gusto niyo. Ano ba ang win win solution dito? Send his son instead and maintain rapport with China." - Stephen Marfori Angala 


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