Pinay OFW in Riyadh Uploads A Video Of Her Perverted Boss Who Entered Her Room Wearing His Brief And Showing Off His Manhood To Her!


There are many cases of OFWs suffering abroad. A high number of these overseas Filipino workers end up going back to the Philippines due to the traumatic events they experience in foreign lands. These incidents often happen in places where discrimination against Filipinos is more predominant. 

Another female OFW, who was being molested by her employer, asked for help from journalist Raffy Tulfo. The complainant Angeline Avedes sent Tulfo a video showing her traumatic experience in Riyadh. 

The video shows Avedes locking herself inside her room while asking for help from two of her fellow citizens. 

Though the footage didn’t last very long, she explained that her male employer has been entering her room wearing only his briefs. 

According to Avedes, her employer kept on showing her his private parts. You can even hear the man knocking on her door and eventually unlocking it successfully.

Panic ensues as Avedes tries her best to keep her door locked from her employer

Avedes was trying to talk some sense to the foreign employer asking him what he wants from her. At one point, she even threatened to call the police just to prevent him from barging in but he still managed to do so.

Once her employer entered the room, the video was cut. 
Luckily, Avedes said that the male employer hasn’t made any advances on her just yet. 

In a phone conversation with Raffy Tulfo, she explained yet again what the foreigner kept on doing to her. Tulfo immediately called for back-up to save Avedes.

Finally, the video showed Avedes arriving from Riyadh and reuniting with her family in an emotional scene. 


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