Never Ever Eat A Live Fish Because This Might Happen To You!


There are times when people will just do whatever they want to even if it will be the craziest thing that would happen in their lives.

A footage of a man undergoing a medical surgery went extremely viral online as it showed a really shocking and unusual scenario.

According to Facebook page Kulitan sa PLANET OPDI EYPS which uploaded the video online, the man swallowed a whole fish which was still alive and moving. Because it was still alive, the fish used its defense mechanism which includes opening its sharp fins. The fins blocked the fish’s entrance to the man’s throat. As a result, the moving fish got stuck inside the mouth of the poor man.

Medical staff and experts surrounded him to pull the fish from his mouth. On the video, it can be heard that one of the problems they have is that the fish was actually “biting” and holding on inside his mouth. When the doctors pulled the creature out of his mouth, the fish really moved and one of the doctors showed the sharp fins which blocked its way.


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