Netizen Clamors For A Mercedes-Benz Driver Involved in A Hit-And-Run Accident to Surrender!


Facebook user Alexander Moje could not hide his frustration when he went to social media to ask the public for any information that would identify a Mercedes-Benz driver who was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident along the roads of Dinalupihan, Bataan.

According to Moje, they were traveling the bridge in Layac, Dinalupihan when they noticed a motorcycle crash into a car. 

The car was identified as a Mercedes-Benz White Carlsson with plate number BDR 320. The unidentified driver immediately fled the scene. 

Mr. Moje and his wife tried to chase after the driver. 

However, Moje narrated that the Benz driver hit his motorcycle's tail light, causing him to drop the pursuit. 

Fortunately, Moje’s wife was able to take a video of the reckless driver's plate number. They surrendered the video to the authorities to aid in the investigation.

Meanwhile, Moje is asking for netizens to share his post. He is deeply frustrated by the Benz's driver who chose to flee instead of face the consequences of his actions.


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