MUST WATCH! Filipinos Are Crying and Shouting for President Duterte in Bahrain! See It Here!


Last week, President Rodrigo Duterte spent his Holy Week going to some countries in the Middle East for a state visit. He was able to go to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar to talk to the country’s officials. 

It was reported by Rappler that Duterte was expected to “boost employment opportunities for Filipinos” during his visits. 

Apart from that, the President also held signing agreements for health, culture, technical vocational education, and training with the other countries. 

In April 15, Duterte arrived in the kingdom of Bahrain, where lots of Filipinos were able to greet him enthusiastically. They lined up outside the Khalifa Sports City Complex. 

According to Harry Ramos, who is a senior mechanical engineer based in Doha for 12 years, he said, "I would happily say I'm a 'DDS', a Duterte Diehard Supporter. His platform of government is simple, and he's got the political will to do it."

The report also indicated, “Duterte's populist agenda went down well with the Filipino diaspora in Qatar, where he received almost 80 percent of the expatriate votes cast in last year's presidential election.” 

This meant that the OFWs’ popular choice for that time during the presidential election was Duterte. 

It was estimated by Rappler that when Duterte visited Bahrain, about 4,000 Filipinos lined up in the Khalifa Sports City Complex in order to see him. 

Facebook user Dolores Aperocho Borres uploaded a footage of the Filipino community welcoming and cheering on Duterte. 

Watch her captured video below: 

What do you think? Are you happy for Duterte? What do you wish he hoped to fulfill in his visit to Bahrain? 

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Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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