MUST WATCH: Diver Records Video of Sea Floor During Batangas Earthquake!


We are all aware of what “The Big One” is. We know that this is the predicted earthquake that will hit the West Valley Fault Line covering different cities from Metro Manila and nearby provinces

With this, people are afraid of the predicted hit especially since recently, a series of earthquakes have been hitting the Metro and nearby provinces.

On April 08, everyone was enjoying their Saturday night, but were startled by an unexpected earthquake. The epicenter was recorded in depths of Batangas. Videos of the said earthquake were also taken and has been uploaded over social media sites.

However, the earthquake hit not just the land but also underwater. Videos taken are not just of the ground shaking but also what it was like underwater. As reported, the epicenter was in Mabini, Batangas which is a famous diving site in the country. During the time the shaking happened, professional diver Jan Paul Rodriguez was underwater and happened to film his diving when the everything started to shake. Despite the danger they were facing at time, it was great that no casualties has been reported.

They started diving at around 3:00 PM, they initially planned to stay underwater at 42 meters for 20 minutes but as they descended into the depths, they experienced the earthquake. Rodriguez said they felt like there was a big boat’s massive propeller pushing them and felt shock waves as well. They aborted the dive immediately after they exhibited difficulty breathing from change in water pressure. 

There is no doubt these earthquakes are really getting to everyone’s nerves. What will you do when during the next earthquake?
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SourceTNP, NetCitizen

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