'Muntik Na Ko Umorder Ng Slurpee!' This Controversial Convenience Store Goes Viral Online!


Different products and services, especially successful ones, have many dupes or duplicates. These dupes are like spoofs or comical versions of the original counterpart. Some famous products with popular dupes include Ritz (Fita), Nutella (Chocola), and even outfits such as Chanel and Lacoste to name a few. But have you ever heard of an establishment with a copycat? 

We’re sure you’ve been to a 7-eleven at least once in your life. This convenience store can be easily remembered due to its trademark orange, green, and red stripes along with the large number 7 as its sign.  

Because a product’s, or even an establishment’s, logo has a strong impact in pulling valuable customers, the signage should be well designed. 

However, some establishments choose to just take a chunk from the original with the hope that the strong impact of their logo will rub off on them. 

It seems as though this establishment, which allegedly copied 7-eleven’s logo, was successful in doing so as photos of its logo went viral all over the internet. 

We’re not saying the convenience store named 8-twelve copied 7-eleven exactly as it is but you’ve got to admit that the resemblance is uncanny. 

'Muntik Na Ko Umorder Ng Slurpee!' This Controversial Convenience Store Goes Viral Online! Ferdinand Jose Miguel Mik Fernandez

Facebook user Joed Barallas made the post popular when he uploaded it on his account.  

He even said that he almost bought a 7-eleven product from them saying “Muntik na ko umorder ng Slurpee.” 

All we can say for now is good luck to 7-eleven. You now have new competition in the form of 8-twelve.  

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