Mother Cries For Help As Her Children Sent Her Out Of Her Own Home To The Streets! They Even Hit Her!


Every mother does her best in order to take good care of her children. She gives them enough love and attention from the moment they are born until they grow up and have a family of their own.
In return, the only thing a mother expects from her child is to give her love and compassion as well.

This is especially true in our country since Filipinos are known to be very close with their families especially with their moms.

However, there are some children who disregard all the hardships their mother went through just to nurture them.

A case has been presented to Raffy Tulfo wherein a mother’s son had the guts to hit her and throw her out of her own house. 

Nida Dones, the complainant, told Tulfo that her son Rico abuses her every time she goes to the house where he and his family live. Nida also said that the house belongs to her.

In addition to that, Nida mentioned that her son prefers to drink every Sunday since this habit would get in the way of his work during weekdays. 

Upon arriving home drunk, Rico immediately turns his anger towards Nida. 

Her statement was backed up by her daughter Rowena Dones. According to Rowena, she saw Rico one time holding a slipper and used it to hit their mother.

To add insult to the injury, Rico apparently also threw Nida’s clothes outside the house and demanded that she leave at once. 

Rico denied all allegations against him but didn’t have any chance to explain himself due to Tulfo’s anger towards him.

The journalist, who mentioned that he loves his mother very much, threatened Rico that he will be arrested if he doesn’t apologize to his mom Nida.

Rico apologized and even cried during the phone interview.

As a solution, Rico’s wife Lerma Dones faced her mother-in-law and told her that they will move out of the house after two weeks. 

Currently, Tulfo’s team is monitoring Nida and her family to avoid the same incident from happening again. Tulfo assured the viewers that they will see to it that Rico will keep his word and move out on the day they agreed on. 

What can you say about what happened to Nida and Rico? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. 
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