Meteor Garden Will Get A Remake And Everyone Is Going Crazy About It!


It has been 16 years since the last airing of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden, which happened in 2001.  It was a hit and was aired on different countries and translated to different languages. 

The manga, Boys Over Flowers, became such a craze that it had several versions in Asia such as in Taiwan, Japan, and of course South Korea

Who is not familiar with the story of four superbly rich boys who formed a formidable group and the brave girl who opposed them and eventually got the heart of the leader and meanest of them?

Well, for those younger generations or those who are not familiar, good news! Meteor Garden is getting a remake in 2018. 

Meteor Garden Will Get A Remake This 2018 And Everyone Is Going Crazy About It!

According to its creator Angie Chai, they are currently on the screenwriting stage so nothing is final as of the moment. That includes the cast and the storyline. 

The 48-episode reboot will feature a fuller and fresher take on the classic hit that will surely appeal to the millenial market nowadays. 

There had been many names who were considered to play the coveted roles of the F4 and San Chai but still nothing is final and the process would be very stringent. 

The Meteor Garden series had been such a hit that it was moved from the afternoon block to the pre-primetime block, it was also re-aired a couple of times in both Kapamilya network and the QTV network. 

You might be feeling all excited and jumpy but we all still have to wait more before we can watch the beloved series again. Are you excited to see the series again?
Source: TNP , PEP

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