Meet The One And Only 'Security Princess', The Guardian Of Google Who Protects The Tech Giant


Google, as the world’s most famous browsing site, caters to millions of people around the world. Because of the great demand coming from their users, Google’s database and information counter should be protected with outmost effort and skill. Their security and privacy department has to protect their users from hackers who would do everything just to extract people’s information for their own benefit.

But fear no more as Google’s ‘Security Princess’ and ‘Browser Boss’ is there to save the day.

Meet Parisa Tabriz. She is one of the 30 security experts who take control of Google’s security and privacy department in US and Europe. Parisa oversees the day-to-day operation of her team made up of 500 other employees whose aim is to ward of hackers and online criminals.

Parisa’s everyday job includes finding bugs in Google’s Chrome feature and fix them before any hacker use them to enter their database. According to Elite Readers, Parisa’s team aims to  “make Chrome the most secure browsing experience from users”.

Parisa joined Google in 2007 after she graduated from her college course and internship. Since then, she became one of the company’s most important assets. She was named in the “Top 30 People Under 30 To Watch in the Technology Industry”, a list created by Forbes. 

On her website, she shared how she loves working in the technical support department of Google.

“Welcome to my unremarkable home on the web.

For a significant chunk of my waking hours, I work here making things like this more secure. I've also had the privilege of working with the U.S. Digital Service to enhance network and software security at the White House. Hacking information security is fun, and I'm pretty lucky I get paid to work on it with the world's best.

Recently, I've been focusing on making the web safer to browse so users don't get pwnd, making Internet traffic more secure, spreading the hacker mindset, and trying to improve diversity in the tech industry because it leads to more innovation and better results. You can read about me and my work in WIRED or ELLE. I was also on a Forbes List sandwiched between a bunch of super accomplished people.”

This young and successful woman also enjoys making gelato, baking, climbing and taking photographs during her free time.

Watch one of Parisa’s speech here:

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Source: EliteReaders

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