This Guy Rejected This Friendly Waitress Because Of Her Looks. Minutes Later, This Gorgeous Supermodel Gives Him a Lesson He Will Never Forget!


Looks are important. Selecting a significant other requires not just matching personalities but also mutual physical attraction.

Desire varies from person to person. One individual may not look that attractive for you but can be exceptionally beautiful for others.

However, there are always universal standards of beauty. The majority of straight women prefer muscular guys while straight men prefer slender girls. 

A social experiment went viral for showing how society’s standard of beauty really works. 

This video shows a random guy minding his own business while eating at a restaurant. Suddenly, a nerdy waitress brings him his order. She took this chance to ask the guy if he would be willing to go out with her. Unfortunately for her, the guy refused. 

A few minutes later, another girl, tall and confident, approached his table to ask him out. 

Watch the video below to see what happened next:

Some netizens were disappointed with the guy's reaction when the nerdy waitress asked him out.

“sad but true , men and some women are just like that , they do no care what that person feels and how it is in the insight unless it cams in a gold cover , showing that the heart does not value anything but the clothes and the looks .... which they fade and go in time so whoever likes you for the looks only does not really like you or love you so better stay away lol”
- Gabriela Vodanovich 

“That's pretty sad how ppl act these days. Many ppl just are more interested how much money you have or not and mostly looks ! Some ppl don't believe in the motto " Beauty is just skin deep""
- Don Romano Jr 

However, some people understood the guy;s behavior and decided to take his side. 

“Well of course, let us shame that man for just being human being and not responding to their "under the rainbow" vision of the world. Looks does matter and she knows that too. I wonder if she would be willing to give up on makeup permanently, out of pure principle.”
- Dragan Cerkez 

“This is ridiculous. You're victimizing people based on their preferences. Not everyone is entitled to be attracted to everyone else. Maybe people will realize this and stop these "pranks""
- Hayden Vandercraats 

How about you, dear readers? Which side are you on? Let us know below!
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