WATCH: Korina Sanchez Pissed off DJ Chacha With This Call and You Will Not Believe How DJ Chacha Reacts!


M.O.R 101.9’s DJ Chacha or Czarina Balba in real-life is one of the most prominent radio DJs today. Although not all millennial are familiar with radio programing, DJ Chacha still managed to capture the hearts of many  fans supporting her and her program, Heart Beats.

DJ Chacha is very popular because for her skills in giving love advice to her callers. Her pieces of advice seem to work for people who experience difficulty in facing their love problems. She has a much defined characteristic and charisma when dealing with her lsiteners.

Aside from her personal characteristics and skills as a DJ, DJ Chacha is also known for the prank calls she features on her show. Some of them already went viral as they really entertained the netizens. But what if she gets to taste her own medicine? Yes. This time, DJ Chacha is the victim.

The very famous DJ was featured on ABS-CBN’s feature program, Rated K, hosted by widely acknowledged journalist Ms. Korina Sanchez. Korina pretended to be an old woman from Rizal named Ising who sought for DJ Chacha’s help regarding her desire to get pregnant. The radio DJ’s hilarious reaction is incredibly priceless.


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