Jessy Mendiola Finally Speaks Up On The Issue Of Copying Angel Locsin's Caption On Instagram!


Although not directly at war with each other, Kapamilya actresses Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin have been placed in several awkward instances because of the fact that they used to love the same man. 

In showbiz, it’s a move that is sure to reek with controversy. Ever since, the two have been pitted against each other by their own fans. 

It didn't help that in the upcoming ‘Darna’ remake helmed by Erik Matti, Angel has dropped the titular role because of severe health issues. 

Jessy Mendiola Finally Speaks Up On The Issue Of Copying Angel Locsin's Caption On Instagram!

This has prompted fans and netizens to place their suggestions, and one of the names that constantly appeared in social media was of Jessy Mendiola’s. 

Jessy is known for posting bikini-clad pictures of herself on Instagram. When she shared a shot of herself in a red string bikini, people were quick to speculate that the actress may be hinting that she wanted to bag the iconic role. 

During that time, any news and updates about the upcoming ‘Darna’ remake were flying high on the radar. 

Now, Angel has officially dropped the role and Jessy, for her part, remained quiet. She emphasized that she only posed her red bikini shot for fun and that, it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously or given any meanings at all.

Apart from that, Angel has also consistently hinted at Jessy towards some of her interviews that talked about her break-up with TV host Luis Manzano. 

Even though both of them haven’t confronted each other directly, it was evident that Angel did harbor feelings against Jessy. 

Now, it seemed as if the “war” is not yet over still. Chisms reported that both actresses shocked the netizens with their Instagram posts that share the same caption.


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