Insensitive Girl Kisses Another Guy While Her Boyfriend Is Watching! How The BF Reacted Will Shock You!


This one's for the cucks. 

In this viral video posted on Facebook, we see a girl shamelessly kissing another guy right in front of her boyfriend

This poor guy witnessed his own girlfriend making out with another guy in some sort of teenage party. 

Talk about painful.

How does this guy react? Does he punch the guy who's macking on his girl? 

Nope. He just cries in front of them… yikes.

The video was captioned with:
“Kissing another guy in front of her boyfriend.
For girls like this, you become a douche bag.  ?? ??”

Looks like his boys have his back though as one of them took a soft swing at the lady-stealer before the end the 2nd video.

Netizens reacted predictably, by bashing the shameless girl and tagging their partners.

"Tsk. Kainis naman tong babaeng to!"
- Adrian A. Mercurio 

"Siraulo naman this girl. Landi hahahaha"
- Maria Czarina G. Mosqueda

"ang sakit  ?? ??"
- Ivan Dmax

"that's disgusting I feel so bad for the guy  :("
- Kathreena Bernadine Pedrealba 

"I really feel sorry for the guy. His girlfriend is totally a b*tch.  ?? ??"
- Anna Dominique

"Mica Legaspi subukan mo lang gawin to  ?? ??"
- JhunGlen A. Amanda

"Kiki I hope you never do this  ?? ?? ?? ??"
- Norman Khun

"Yza Cabales Jabungan wag mong gagawin sakin 'to kasama o hindi ako kasama  ?"
- Sean Louise Onilongo

"Grabe to. Ill never do this mylabs Jovenkim Ferrer"
- Thannia Sarmiento

As the video offers no explanation, what do you think really went down? Tell us in the comments section below!
Source: Facebook

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