Good Samaritan? Picture of Nuns Walking Past Sleeping Street Kids Heats Up Social Media


 Good Samaritan? Picture of Nuns Walking Past Sleeping Street Kids Heats Up Social Media

If you remember your Sunday School stories, this picture is reminiscent of one classic, “The Good Samaritan”. Taken by one Jonple Baltar, the picture went viral as people are sharing just what they think should have been done.

People in need lying on the streets and religious people just walking by -- the picture speaks a thousand words. 

Of course, no one can (well…should) judge the nuns. Besides, we don’t know what they did after the picture was taken. We also don’t know why those people are sleeping there. 

Quoting the scripture, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. 
Although, that is nowhere to be seen as everyone has something they want to share about the situation.

And seriously, this escalated quickly

"hypocrisy at its best!!!!"
- Mycah April Berces

"ano ba nman yun huminto kayo sa paglalakad at pagkaabalahan ninyo saglit n lingapin ang mga paslit na iyan, pero pinatutunayan lng talaga ninyo ang kaimpokrituhan ng inyong relihiyon, mula sa inyong papa hanggang sa inyong mga pari at tagasunod na politikong kurap."
- Henry Cabrales

"Where is the love that you propagated?"
- Esminda Montivez

"Why not legalise abortion or family planning to mitigate the street children from roaming the streets. I will blame this to the catholic church bcoz of their so old beliefs. This is their fucking fault. People keeps on multiplying bcoz of the teachings of the catholic church but even themselves cannot help the poor. The catholic church deserves My middle finger."
- Sanara Aldo

"I hate these nuns.. God is just.. He will judge these nuns.."
- Exequiel Tomines

 Good Samaritan? Picture of Nuns Walking Past Sleeping Street Kids Heats Up Social Media

There are people who are defending the walking nuns.

"Sige nga ma'am, I'll ask you something. Have you ever wonder what these kids would be if they're parents are good? Pag nakakakita po ba kayo ng mga pulubi naaawa din ba kayo sa kanila? Pag may nanlilimos ba sainyo binibigyan mo sila? Give them foods to eat, and water to drink? I don't think so. These nuns doesn't deserve your words. Because they are walking? Get a life Ma'am. As if you dont walk past homeless people everyday."
- Janrod De Castro Centeno

"People here saying 'hypocrites, kahit kayo di nyo rin naman tutulungan'. Well, tama naman kayo ng konte, pero let me tell you the difference between me and them (before you call me hypocrite). I don't have religion, I don't command/tell people to be giving and be generous, I don't act good because a god told me, I don't act good because I'm scared to rot in hell, I act good because I want and not because a cult (yes your religion is just a cult, a famous cult per se) I don't ask for donations, I don't receive money, I pay my tax, I don't do things to prevent people from doing things for their own or limit their choices because I think it's wrong, I don't go around and send the message of love, but curse the sinners, I don't label everyone a sinners, soooooo yeah."
- Earl Clive Dacal

"Yung nagpicture ba tumulong sa mga bata? Hehe. Hypocrisy at its finest. Pointing fingers pero wala naman ginagawa. Kung tumutulong talaga ung nagpicture, dapat tulong muna bago picture, di ba. Inuna pa ung paglitrato."
- Ranilo Lao

"Sa kumuha nung litratong ito? Bakit hindi ikaw mismo yung nag.insist na tumulong? Sa mga nagsasabi ng hypocrisy at its best or what? Tanungin ko kayo? Nakatulong na din ba kayo? Or isa lang din kayo sa mga nang.ssnob sa mga yan. Eh halos araw araw naman yan nandyan yung mga yan. Naibigay na ng simbahan ang dapat ibigay."
- Jamiel Mozar

Seriously though, these comments have everything. From people fighting who to blame (government, churches, humans, etc.) to just people shouting out curses.

Why must we judge? Why don’t we just… 

you know…


"We are the real hypocrites kasi hanggang picture and comments lang tayo. Tayo ba, gagawin ba natin yung ineexpect nating gawin ng madre sa pic na to? I think hindi. Iniiwasan nga ng karamihan satin yung mga pulubi eh. Meaning wala po tayo sa capacity to judge the nuns. And in fairness to them, they are also the same nuns who runs charitable institutions. Stop the hate nalang tayo mga kap. Wala naman macocontribute tong post na to para maiangat yung buhay ng nasa picture eh. Obviously, paninira ang main objective ng post."
-Anthony Miranda Aurella

 Good Samaritan? Picture of Nuns Walking Past Sleeping Street Kids Heats Up Social Media

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