Daniel Padilla Violated A Major Rule In Japan After Shaking A Cherry Blossom Tree For His Selfies!


If you want to go to Japan, perhaps the majestic thing that will attract you most are the romantic cherry blossom trees that are very famous in the land. Thousands of tourists flock around these beautiful trees just to get their Instagram-worthy photographs.

Unfortunately, there are tourists who lack discipline and go the extra-mile just to have a shot with a picturesque cherry blossom background. Japanese authorities are doing their best effort to control human activities that damage this wonderful Japanese natural feature.

A viral video showing Daniel Padilla shaking a cherry blossom tree went immediately viral across the internet. According to the video posted by entertainment blog Fashionpulis.com, Daniel was shaking the tree so a falling petal effect would be made while his partner, Kathryn Bernardo is posing for a selfie. 


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