An Old Man With Many Dolls in His Apartment Was Questioned By Cops, When They Took a Closer Look They Arrested Him! The Reason Why WIll Shock You!


Dolls are undoubtedly one of the scariest toys out there, as evidenced by the countless horror movies that have featured dolls possessed or were gateways to evil.  

Case in point: Annabelle has continuously spawned sleepless nights and nightmare-filled evenings among the general populace. It doesn’t help that the movie franchise is expanding their story with another film, ‘Annabelle: Creation.’  

And before that, there was Chucky from another movie franchise, ‘Child’s Play.’  

But let’s not talk about further pop culture references anymore because the real thing is, dolls are definitely scary. 

Filipino Community reported that 45-year-old Anatoly Moskvin used to make dolls out of real corpses. He was called the “doll maker” and was in fact, a linguist and an academic before he made a sick career out of gathering dead bodies from the cemetery to create toys.  

CREEPY! Policemen Arrested This Man for Creating Dolls out of Dead Bodies! Read the Details Here!

Moskvin was arrested by the authorities in 2011 because they discovered that the man has been creating life-sized dolls from corpses. 

Moskvin surrendered and even disclosed that he had “treated and fabricated around 150 bodies” by using baking soda and salt.  

When the corpses were dried, he revealed that he had opened them up and stuffed them with cloth. After which, Moskvin would paint their faces with nail polish and dress them to his liking.  


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