Claudine Barretto's Son Santino Santiago Learns How To Speak Ilonggo!


It’s hard to learn another language once you reach a certain age. 

Although there are adults who are able to learn a different language, it usually takes perseverance and commitment in order to truly master a language that you did not grow up speaking.

When Claudine Barretto’s firstborn son, Santino Santiago, was shown speaking Ilonggo, this quickly attracted the attention of many netizens.

Santino is Claudine’s 10-year-old child with her estranged husband, Raymart. He was born on July 19, 2007 at The Medical City. His parents claim that his birth was the best gift they ever received. 

Claudine and her sisters, Gretchen and Marjorie, grew up speaking Ilonggo. Although she has lived in Manila throughout most of her life, the actress has Ilonggo blood running through her veins.

This is evident with the video that she released on her Instagram account, caption with: “Abaw ga ilonngo na akong Bata,” followed by a series of heart emojis. 

Many netizens expressed their admiration towards Santino, particularly those who speak the language. Here were some of their comments: 

caringalmarkerwin: “Wow! Very Good Translate Ilonggo Ate Claudine & Saint @claubarretto ???” 

sweetkikai86: “idol ta gd ka miss Clau...da best ka gd...” 

iamlucyq468: “galing ni saint” 

chengmontero: “Idol clau pati ang kadlaw mo ginsunod ni saint.hapiness overload kay nabatian namon imo tingug.”

jere24mae: “very good ilonggo na gid ba” 

gizelle7217: “Haha...syempre @claubarretto, ilongga ang nanay....palangga ka namon???” 

Watch the awesome moment here! 

Were you amazed by Santino’s skills? Let us know what you think of this below! 
Source: Chisms

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