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Skinny, model-like girls are the norm now but did you know that back in the golden days of Hollywood, plump girls were the most admired in their time? 

That was during the era wherein voluptuous actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Ava Gardner (to name a few) were considered the sexiest women because of their curves. They were not skinny nor petite, but they were very much admired.  

In the Philippines, since Filipina women are more petite than the Western women, our country has always considered thin or small-waisted girls as the sexy ones.  

They were the ones who defined what being “beautiful” was in terms of physical standards that plus-sized girls are left feeling insecure or negative about themselves. This has continuously rung true in our society, despite the emergence of pro-body advocacies

One of the women who have been “bashed” because of her not-so-idealistic sexy figure was actress Jessy Mendiola.  

It was reported by FHM Philippines that when she posted a full-bodied picture of her on Instagram, netizens were quick to decry her and throw her negative comments. When she won the top spot in FHM’s Sexiest Women, the bashing didn’t stop.  

People said that she had grown “fat” and that she didn’t deserve to win the most coveted spot. But Jessy slammed her haters with a statement, saying, "My body may not be perfect but that will not stop me from being confident with myself." 

Since then, more girls have become more expressive of their pro-body posts on social media. Scroll through Instagram and Facebook and you will see people flaunting their bodies, despite not considered “thin” or “tall” by society’s standards. 

Many Facebook fan pages have also emerged in lieu of this advocacy and one of them is the Thai fan page ‘The Plump girl of Thailand.’  



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