Another Passenger of United Airlines Has Been Kicked Out of Business Class and Threatened To Be Handcuffed!


United Airlines seems to have a reputation for brutally dealing with their passengers in the most terrible way.

 When the video of passenger David Dao being dragged away from his seat circulated online, it garnered lots of reactions and shook some travelers. 

CBS Local reported that another passenger got victimized by the airline. According to them, Geoff Fearns, the president of an Irvine financial investment firm, complained that he was “mistreated” when he flew from Hawaii to Los Angeles. 

CEO of Company Gets Kicked Off From Business Class! Find Out What He Said Here!

Fearns noted, “I think this is appalling that you’re throwing me off of my seat. She said if you don’t leave voluntarily, we’ll summon security and have you escorted off the plane.”

He said that he bought himself a ticket that cost $1,000 so that he could get there a day before from Kauia. However, despite arriving at an earlier hour, an airline employee demanded that he get off the plane. 

The reason was because the flight was already “overbooked.” 

Fearns said, “She said: ‘We have a priority list, and you’re at the bottom of it.’ The guy sitting next to me, who’s apparently a United frequent flyer, said: ‘Hey man! They get really nasty about this stuff. They’ll call the cops on you.’ And I’m like – for what? For sitting in my assigned seat?” 

CEO of Company Gets Kicked Off From Business Class! Find Out What He Said Here!

The staff continued to harass him and that was when Fearns decided to just give in to the irrational demand. 

The source cited that Fearns’ experience happened before Dao. He said, “My wife joked about it. If I waited five more minutes, she said: ‘That would have been you on TV’.” 

Shocking! What do you think of this? Have you ridden the United Airlines before, or have encountered similar situations? 

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