Caught On Cam: Government Employee Punches A Tricycle Driver TWICE!


Government employees are expected to be the ones who will be faithful to their duties. They are the people expected to help civilians who are in need. However, one government employee from Eastern Samar failed to meet these expectations. Instead of being a public servant, he is now deemed as society’s cancer because of what he did to a tricycle driver.

Facebook page Matalinong Matsing shared the disappointment of one netizen who revealed the attitude of an alleged government employee they encountered. According to the post, this unnamed government official punched and hit the tricycle driver on his face twice after a road argument. Unfortunately, the video was not able to capture the first assault but the second one can really be seen on the footage. 

The man in a black polo shirt who was identified as a government employee forcefully punched the tricycle driver who was not able to fight back. Although there is no clear and exact reason why this employee went amok, some online users believe that he does not have the right to physically assault the tricycle driver for any reason. 

Another thing that frustrated the main source of the post is that fact that there was a police man standing in front of the arguing motorists. He saw what the government employee did to the driver but he just kept staring at them. After the government employee hit the driver, he went back inside the car with his colleagues.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

Caught On Cam: Government Employee Punches A Tricycle Driver TWICE!

The comments section of the post was filled with disappointed remarks coming from the netizens who considered the act as unacceptable especially when the man involved was allegedly a government official. They were enraged by the idea that the tricycle driver failed to do anything to defend himself. Moreover, they were also disappointed with how the police responded in the situation. Some netizens also argued that no matter what the reason is, the employee was still not allowed to hurt anybody. They claimed that his government position is never a license that would give him the power to physically assault anyone.

Marta Dagondon : Ang iba nagsasabi wag humusga agad dahil hndi alam ang buong estorya.. Di pa po ba sapat na ang nag post ng video na yan ang syang nakaka alam ng pangyayari? Base sa kanyang caption sa video halata naman po kung anu ang ibig nyang sbhin di po ba? Besides hndi yan mglalakas loob mag post kung alam nyang mali ang ginawa nya.

Belinda Amora-Grefaldeo : Ganito ba talaga ang mga nagtatrabaho sa gobyerno puro arogante. May kasalanan man ang trycycle driver or wala ndi sya dapat manakit. Ireklamo nya sa kinauukulan. Kita naman na tinataas na nung driver kamay nya. May kalalagyan ka din mamang government employee. Paki tandaan lang ho taong bayan ang nagppasweldo sayo.

Ramle Atepmort Asones :  Mga kaibigan kahit sabihin natin di natin alam ang dahilan sa palagay nyo ba tama ung manapak nang tao kahit mag murahan cgro pwd pero ung manakit nang ibang tao hnd naman cgro maganda un meron kasi tao na lalo tumatapang pag may kasama at alam nya hnd lalaban ung kalaban. .....sige pasikatin ung tao nayan ..

Do you think this situation should be brought to the attention of the higher authorities? How do you think the victim could reach for help? Do not hesitate to put your answers in the comments section below.
Source: Facebook

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