BREAKING NEWS: Alleged Protector of Abu Sayyaff Detained, Apparently She Is a Female Cop!


On April 11, Tuesday, militarymen and PNP forces clashed with the Abu Sayyaff members in Inabanga, Bohol. 

This was after both embassies of the United States and Australia have issued a warning to their citizens to avoid traveling to the Philippines as “terrorist groups” abound the country. 

One day before the encounter between Abu Sayyaff members and the government forces, the AFP has received reports of eleven armed men entering the Inabanga River in Bohol.

It was reported that about three AFP soldiers, a policeman, and six suspected Abu Sayyaf members were killed in the clash, although the numbers of the AFP and PNP killed have continuously increased. 

On April 24, Monday, it was discovered that a female police officer named Police Superintendent Maria Christina Nobleza was in contact with the alleged Abu Sayyaff members. 

According to Philippine Daily Inquirer, Nobleza was supposedly assigned in the Davao region. However, authorities have discovered her in Bohol, together with her driver Reenor Lou Dungon.

Initially, Nobleza said that she was on a “tour” but when they passed by a police checkpoint on Saturday—around the same time police and military officials have hunted down Abu Sayyaf members—authorities began to grow suspicious towards them. 

The source claimed that they have retrieved the policewoman’s cell phone and that they saw a text message from allegedly one of the members of the Abu Sayyaf. 

It contained a plea asking for Nobleza to rescue them. Further reports have shown that Dungon, Nobleza’s driver, was apparently a brother-in-law of one of the Abu Sayyaf leaders. 

When the authorities asked Nobleza about her cell phone and the text messages it contained, she replied that she was “on a tour” but upon interrogation, she only answered “I invoke my right to privacy” on several questions.

Do you think Nobleza was closely involved with the Abu Sayyaf members who terrorized Bohol? 

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Source: Inquirer

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