'Boldstar Siya! Wala Siyang Respeto sa Abaya!' Mocha Uson Was Slammed by Muslim Woman for Wearing Their Sacred Outfit. Her Comments Backfire as Netizens Disagree With Her. See it Here!


The abaya, or sometimes called simply as aba or hijab, is a type of head scarf used by Muslim women to cover their face. They do this a sign of respect for the teachings of their religion and is considered as a sacred garment worn by female Muslims. The abaya is similar to the veil that nuns wear in the Catholic religion

Due to its religious meaning, Muslim women tend to shun other females who misuse the wearing of the abaya. 

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) member and blogger Mocha Uson was recently seen donning an abaya during a recent trip with President Rodrigo Duterte in Saudi Arabia.

A Muslim woman saw this photo and immediately took to Twitter to slam the media personality for wearing such a sacred item of clothing.

According to the Twitter user, she thinks Mocha Uson is unworthy of wearing the religious piece due to her current and past standing in the industry. 

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella defended the controversial blogger by saying that she is one of the official delegation of Duterte in his Middle East visit.

According to him: “She has a large following among the overseas Filipino communities, especially in the Middle East, and it is in their interest that she has come to help boost morale and well-being.”

“They wanted to have fellowship with her. So it’s just a question of basic fellowship and encouragement,” he added. 

Meanwhile, netizens also slammed the Twitter user by defending Uson. 


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