Batangas Mayor Saw Something Coming out of the Ocean Following the Earthquakes Which Occurred Last Saturday. Find out What It Is Here.


Rumors about the “Big One”, a deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake that is said to hit certain parts of the Philippines anytime soon, have been spreading like wildfire lately due to the numerous small earthquakes occurring in different parts of the country. 

Batangas is currently the place which is most affected by these recent earthquakes. 

Mabini mayor Noel Luistro was highly alarmed by the incidents that he wants to order an investigation on the Batangas sea.

After the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck Mabini last Saturday, the mayor of the province saw smoke coming from one part of the ocean. According to him, they’ve never seen anything like that before. He even claimed that the smoke seemed to be coming from a portion of the body of water where there is what appeared to be a giant sink hole. 

The mayor, along with the majority of their residents felt afraid of the recent sighting. 

However, they are still thankful that the consecutive earthquakes and aftershocks didn’t bring about a tsunami that could wipe out their homes and destroy their livelihood. 


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