'ALAY-KALAT': Pilgrims Who Joined The Annual ‘Alay-Lakad’ Left Their Trash On The Road!


The 'alay-lakad' is an annual form of penitence that many Filipino Catholics perform in order to give thanks and praise to the patron saint of travelers and sailors, Our Lady of Antipolo also known as Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

Thousands of pilgrims gather along the extension of Ortigas Avenue and walk from Raymundo Street in Pasig until they reach Antipolo, Rizal

Most of the time, these devotees are young and come in groups. These trekkers patiently endure the heat of the sun just to reach the holy church on foot.

According to some pilgrims, they do this annually in observance of holy week. It is their way of reflecting on their sins as they try to experience the passion of Jesus Christ. The practice has good intentions but good intentions are oftentimes not enough.

This year’s alay-lakad left many netizens disappointed with the incredible amount of trash pilgrims left on the road

Facebook user Krisay Lee shared what she witnessed while traveling the road to Antipolo.

Krisay was frustrated as she criticized the devotees for their lack of discipline while performing their annual devotion. 

On her post, she shared photos and a video of the piles of garbage left on the street by the devotees. She dubbed it 'instant Waze’ as it served to illustrate the path taken by the pilgrims on their way to Antipolo.

She had some strong words for the pilgrims who lacked discipline: “Nagagawa nga nilang mag lakad ng malayo para mag alay lakad. Pero hindi nila magawang itapon yung basura nila ng tama”   

Most netizens who commented on her post agreed with Krisay’s points. Some netizens claimed that some pilgrims treated the sacred practice as a fashion show. 

What can you say about this disappointing pilgrimage? Discuss it with your fellow devotees below!

SourceTNP, Facebook

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