ALARMING: This Is The Largest Snake That Was Ever Caught In The Philippines! MASSIVE!


The Philippines is a country rich of amazing and almost unbelievable things that remain unexplainable even today. This include real-life monsters that are the stuff of nightmares.

The social media community was alarmed when a video taken in Indonesia started to circulate online. The video showed some locals cutting a snake open and finding there an actual human body. According to reports, a farmer went missing after he visited their farm. After several days, the huge snake was found and killed by some Indonesian natives. They then proved that it devoured the missing farmer.

Just as when some Filipinos thought that it is impossible to happen in the Philippines, a special episode aired by GMA’s Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho proved that a snake as huge as the one in Indonesia was also captured here in the Philippines. According to their research, the reticulated python which measured 75 kilos and 7 meters was captured in Casiguran, Aurora during the 70’s. A picture of 7 people holding the snake’s skin also went immediately viral online. Given the size of the massive snake, there is a great possibility that it once ate a human being. The research team headed by an international Anthropologist named Thomas Headland claimed that the snake which was found in Aurora was dubbed as the ‘Third Largest Python’ in the world.


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