Aiza Seguerra Pinahanga Ang Mga Leaders Ng ASEAN Matapos Niyang Gawin Ito!


Singer and former child star Aiza Seguerra commenced the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Youth forum at Sofitel Manila on Thursday, April 27, 2017. She now sits as the chairperson of National Youth Commission.

Aiza Seguerra Pinahanga Ang Mga Leaders Ng ASEAN Matapos Niyang Gawin Ito!

The meeting aims to challenge youth leaders to endorse and empower ASEAN.

"Getting to know the ASEAN is a must for all of us. As citizens of the region, we are duty-bound as youth leaders to be at the forefront of activities that promote ASEAN awareness," Seguerra said.

"In our discussions today, please let us keep in mind that the statement that we will convey to our leaders will also carry with it our sustained passion to prepare the best future for this generation of ASEAN youth," she added.

Seguerra also mentioned the notable participation of the ASEAN youth in various areas such as HIV-AIDS prevention and awareness.

“We all recognize the impact of HIV-AIDS and those posed by drug and substance abuse among the vulnerable groups, most especially the youth. An intensive advocacy campaign to practice clean living and healthy lifestyle is gaining ground among the young people. The active involvement of the ASEAN youth in physical activities that promote physical fitness and well-being should be sustained” Seguerra said.

Singer-turned-official also noted the prominence of social media nowadays as a medium to connect with fellow ASEAN citizens and promising innovative undertakings.

“The youth has become more engaged in innovative entrepreneurial activities utilizing the social media to connect with fellow ASEAN citizens and the world in general,” she said.

Closing her speech, Seguera stated: "Ultimately let us work together with an open mind, an open heart, to prepare the best, bestest of the best statement, that captures the very essence of the task that was entrusted to us, to translate the ASEAN Youth Work Plan into action."

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Source: Youtube , Inquirer

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