Nasa Is Hiding This Huge Hole in North Pole to the Public and Was Believed to Be a Secret Passage to an Inner Earth!


There have been conspiracy theories going around that speculates NASA, together with the world government are hiding a huge hole that could possibly lead to an inner earth where there is vegetation, animals, human civilizations and an inner sun.

This massive hole is reported to be located at the North Pole. According to a Youtube video, the satellite images show never-before seen evidence of the existing black out hole.

"Every single satellite image that we have of the North Pole shows a massive hole or a black out hole put there to hide whatever's underneath." says conspiracy theorist secureteam10.

NASA immediately deleted the said images, according to reports of UFO enthusiasts. They also claim that high-resolution satellite images of Antartica got blurred into "nothingness" in order to put the portal in secret.

Watch the astounding video here:

Are you convinced that there's a hole in the north pole that leads to an inner earth? Have you ever read Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth? Because this sounds just like that. 

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 Source: TNP , YouTube

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