A Bunch Of Rampaging Wild Boars Killed 3 ISIS Militants In Iraq!


The ISIS terrorist group is one of the most notorious and infamous groups that is known in history for executing millions of people opposing their beliefs. They already held control of a fairly reasonable portion of the Middle East. Currently, this terrorists are continuing their goal of expanding their military forces.

ISIS members are known for being brutal as they are recognized around the world for beheading their captives. However, nobody expected that their terrorizing forces are nothing for these wild animals which are reported to have slain some of the group's members.

According to the report published by Iraqi News, a group of rampaging wild boars attacked 3 ISIS militants which resulted to their death in Southern Kirkuk, Iraq

The extremists who controlled the area allegedly attempted to revenge on the wild boars which damaged their farmland. Unfortunately, the wild animals were indeed tough enough to kill these armed men. Although the article did not mention how the militants died, citizens were shocked because of the event.

Meanwhile, Kicker Daily reported that thousands of civilians were already displaced and evacuated since 2014 after the ISIS militants successfully took over control of Kirkuk. The Iraqi government on the other hand is continuing to do its best effort to redeem the land from the terrorists.

A Bunch Of Rampaging Wild Boars Killed 3 ISIS Militants In Iraq!

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Source:  KickerDaily

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