Papa Jack Confesses Real Reason Why He Resigned From Love Radio


John Gemperle or more popularly known as Papa Jack started a new career path as he signed a contract with Energy FM. During his contract signing last March 17, he revealed the real reason why he left his former station, Love Radio. 

Papa Jack admitted that the Manila Broadcasting Company wanted to move his popular program "TLC" to a different timeslot. He has been given the primetime slot which is 9 AM to 1 AM and has been at it for years, so he thought that the change was not for him. 

Papa Jack Confesses Real Reason Why He Resigned From  Love Radio

“The management was supposed to move me to different time slot, which in my heart, I cannot deliver in full potential,” he admitted. 

He then went on to ask if the decision to move his program was already final, and when he was informed that it was, he decided to pass his resignation letter. 

As he was going through the process, he admitted that deep inside, he was waiting for someone to stop him. 

"Looking back nu’ng mga araw na ‘yon, I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to go. ‘Tagal ‘ko du’n eh. Labing-dalawang taon. Lahat ng kaibigan mo nandu’n. Lahat. I stayed longer hours in the office than in my own house. ‘Yng aso ko nga, minsan hindi na ako kilala eh.” he said.

John Gemperle started his radio career in Love Radio. He was one of its first regular DJ's. His hard-hitting, frank, and honest advice to his love-troubled listeners made him and the station hugely popular. His resignation ended a 12-year work relationship with the Love Radio station and Manila Broadcasting Company. 


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