You Wouldn't Believe That These 10 Celebrities Are Related To Each Other! Pair #7 is so Stunning!


Showbiz clans are prominent in the Philippine entertainment industry. In fact, a huge percentage of high rising stars either have first or second degree blood relation among themselves. 

It is no longer surprising when multiples of Padillas, Barrettos, Eigenmanns, Cruzes and Guttierezes are present in Philippine showbiz. As the saying goes, 'it runs in their bloods'. 

The same is true for the following list of celebrities whose siblings are also making their ways in the spotlight. Let's run through them!

1) Reid Siblings (James, Lauren and Jack)
-James made his showbiz debut when he won Pinoy Big Brother : Teen Clash 2010. His fame skyrocketed when he started to be paired with his now girlfriend, actress Nadine Lustre. Out of James' 7 other siblings, two of them wanted to follow his path in the industry. Lauren engaged in modelling and is now dubbed as the newest 'It Girl' while Jack started with Folded and Hung's Disney apparels.

2) Wilson Sisters (Georgina and Jessica)
-Georgina's prominence in the showbiz industry boomed when she became the face of various billboards, magazine covers and TV shows. As a model, her career grew more when she started as the face of different brands. Her sister Jessica is also starting to make TV appearances as she is being an occasional part of E! channel's program, 'It Girls'. She has also been working as a product manager of Lancome since 2014.



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