This Homeless Man Refused To Leave The Store! When This Policeman Found Out The Heartbreaking Reason He Did This!


A police officer earned praises from netizens after doing an extraordinary deed for a homeless man one fateful evening. 

Police office José Flores was dispatched to a store in El Paso, Texas. The reason? A homeless man refused to leave a store which was about to close for the day. 

According to the dispatcher who sent Officer Flores, the homeless man pleaded to stay as he wanted to be somewhere warm and dry. 

The police officer went to the store immediately to personally address the concern. Once he got there, he understood why the homeless man didn't want to leave. 

The homeless man wasn't wearing any shoes and his clothes weren't thick enough to keep him warm. Officer Flores was heartbroken and felt a deep urge inside him to help. 

Luckily for the homeless man, the police officer listened to his conscience and walked into the store. He bought boots, socks, and gloves, paid for with his own money, and gave all of them to the homeless man. He even helped him put everything on.

A netizen was able to snap a photo of the priceless moments without them noticing. The photo has since gone viral worldwide and Officer Flores is being lauded by netizens all over the globe for reminding them that the essence of humanity is helping each other. 

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