What Did Erich Gonzales Learn From Her Breakup With Daniel Matsunaga? 'Kapag nagmahal ka, kailangan mo pa magtira para sa sarili mo'


After weeks of being silent, actress Erich Gonzales finally faced the media and confirmed her break-up with long-time boyfriend, Daniel Matsunaga.

Erich shocked her followers when she suddenly deleted her Instagram pictures with Daniel. She also unfollowed him and his family and secured her Instagram account privately. 

After the shocking turn of events, rumors about their break-up immediately dominated the social media community.

Erich was silent about it for a time. Daniel, on the other hand, addressed the issue, asking the public to give him and Erich some time and privacy to discuss matters in private

Since then, rumors intensified and accusations about their break-up also started to spread like wild fire.

After the fiasco, Erich finally decided to clear the air when she confirmed that she and Daniel have parted ways.

"We are not together anymore. It's over," Erich said during a brief interview.

The actress chose not to disclose any details of their break-up. She did not even mention who initiated the breakup. Erich also refused to disclose the reason behind their unexpected breakup.

"Ayoko magdetalye. I just wanna move on," the actress emphatically stated.

Their break-up rumors came with allegations of a third-party and money being involved. When the press clarified the money issue to Erich, the actress refused to answer. However, she has confirmed that no other party was involved in their break-up.

"Walang third party," Erich claimed.

"I just really want to move on. I want to help myself," she added.

It seems that the Kapamilya actress' only way of moving on is acceptance. Her bitter statements implied that she was currently dealing with some serious pain brought by the separation.

When asked how would she move on from the painful parting, the actress answered it immediately.

"I just have to accept na may mga bagay po talaga na we cannot control. May mga nangyayari po sa buhay natin na hindi kontrolado. So life goes on," Erich said emotionally.

The 26-years old neither confirmed nor denied any details about her recent break-up but she said she learned something very important from it. 

Erich ended her brief interview with a message for the people who are risking themselves in the name of love:

"Kapag nagmahal ka, kailangan mo pa magtira para sa sarili mo,"

The actress seemingly learned her love lesson the hard way.

Watch her full interview here:

have you ever experienced heartbreak yourself? What did you learn from your own breakup? Let us know in the comments section!
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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