Watch: Video of A Dog Burying Its Dead Friend Goes Viral! This Will Touch Your Heart!


We are aware that dogs and other animals have the capacity to feel emotions. However, maybe we do not fully understand the weight and gravity of the emotions certain animals feel.

Dogs could be ecstatic, scared and sad but we do not expect dogs to mourn over losses as much as humans do.

On a video posted by NTD TV, a Facebook page that shares stories of humanity and love, a dog was caught on video while it buried its dead friend in a pit.

Although it is given that the hole was likely to have been dug by a human, it did not make the video less heartbreaking seeing the little dog use its snout to place soil on top of its dead friend.

Over time dogs continue to prove how big their hearts are, not only for fellow dogs but also towards their masters. Dogs prove that they have the capacity to build great bonds of love with humans and their fellow dogs.

Netizens not only sympathized over the loss of the other dog, many also were moved by how the love and friendship was evident among the two dogs.

"Who says that dogs don't have souls, feelings, pains, and that they don't suffer like human beings. This video confirms it all," said netizen Van Colucci.

"So sad. I know from experience that dogs do mourn when one of their "pack" does. We lost our Newfoundland @4 yrs ago & our other 2 dogs were so sad for the longest time," netizen Diane Rail shared.

"Once again proved here how loyal pets are ! May be dog is the only animal which loves others more than itself! Heart rendering! Rest in peace buddy," netizen Lazy Venkat commented.

On the other hand however, a certain Jon Gifford commented insisting that people were getting it wrong, implying that it was part of the dog's instinct and it entails a different meaning.

"Sorry to bust your bubble but an expert in animal behavior has a much less sentimental interpretation. Dogs, like many animals, will instinctively bury meat and bones for potential future consumption. . He wasn't in morning or sad. He was just putting away his late night snack."

What do you think? Is this touching or just animals doing their thing? Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: TNP , Buzzflare

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