WATCH! Teachers Save an 11 Year-old Girl and Her Mother Because of a Suspicious Note!


The story of an 11-year-old girl who ran to her teachers with a note asking for help has recently gone viral online. The story was shared by the popular trending news site, Newsner.

According to the source, the 11-year-old girl from Louisiana was a victim of domestic abuse. She was living with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. 

The boyfriend was reportedly abusive and decided one day to hold the girl and her mother hostage in their home. The reasons for keeping them there remain unclear. 

One day, in November of last year, the girl took a chance and fled from the house where she was being held captive. Apparently, she found the perfect opportunity to get away. 

But due to unexplained reasons, she couldn't escape with her mother, so her mother decided to slip her a note detailing their predicament to anyone who could possibly help her. The girl brought the note to her teachers at a nearby school. 

Fortunately, the teachers took the note seriously. They reported the note in a 911 call. 

The girl's mother was eventually rescued from the clutches of her seemingly disturbed boyfriend soon after. 

According to Newsner, the story was first reported by CNN


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