WATCH: Pokwang Went Emotional As She Shared Her Experiences With Her Mom Who Suffers From Alzheimer's Disease!


There is nothing more heartbreaking for a child than to see her own mother forgetting about her everyday.

This has been the battle TV comedienne and actress Pokwang is fighting.

It was in 2015 when Pokwang first revealed that her mother, Aling Gloria, was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, a condition where the human brain behaves abnormally, destroying one's memory and ability to carry out tasks. She even said that her mother no longer recognizes her. All her mother could remember of her is as a funny host of noontime show, Wowowie

Pokwang emotionally shared how her mother lives with the disease everyday. She narrated that her ability to make people laugh came from Aling Gloria as her mother's punch lines are one of a kind.

"Ibang klase yung nanay ko kapag nagbitaw ng punch line 'yun. Sa kanya ko nga nakuha pagiging komidyante ko," Pokwang recalled in an interview.

Up until now, Pokwang cannot believe how the disease has taken its toll on her mother's memory. If there is one thing she is thankful for at this moment, it is the fact that her mother remembers Pokwang as someone who makes her laugh.

"Naalala niya ako as Pokwang ng Wowowie. At least 'yung naiwan sa sulok ng isip niya, 'yung napapasaya ko siya," Pokwang said while in tears. 

The actress recalled how her mother took care of her before Alzheimer's hit her. Pokwang said that Aling Gloria also likes to show affection by giving her a back massage when she goes home, tired from work. However, everything has changed since the disease damaged her.

"Bago lumabas 'yung ganyang sakit niya, pinagdadasal ako lagi ng nanay ko. 'Pag alam niyang pagod ka hahaplus-haplusin ka. Pero ngayon, wala na. Tititigan ka na lang niya ngayon," she added.

The comedienne also claimed that she can sense that there is something Aling Gloria wanted to tell her and her other siblings. But because of her painful condition, she can no longer express her thoughts and feelings effectively. According to Pokwang, she can sense that her mother wanted to apologize to  for her condition.

"May gusto siyang sabihin. Hindi lumalabas pero makikita mo sa mga mata niya na parang 'Anak pasensya na ha?'" Pokwang narrated emtotionally.

In response to this painful apology, Pokwang always leaves her mother with a message of comfort.

"Ma, 'wag mo isipin na pabigat ka sa'min. Aalagaan ka namin. Salamat. Ma"

Pokwang is grateful to her mother for being able to raise all 12 children. In return, for taking full responsibility of them, Pokwang made a vow that they will all be by their mother's side in fighting the demons of her disease.

"Kinaya mo kaming dose. Dapat lang kami naman magdasal sa'yo. Mahal ka namin, Ma"

Watch Pokwang's full interview here:

If you were Pokwang, would you do the same for your mother? Let us know!

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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