WATCH: Jollibee Went Viral Again After Helping Out This Car Along the Highway!


Recently, Jollibee created the ultimate buzz on social media after they posted their 'Kwentong Jollibee Valentine's Series'. The advertisement series was composed of three short narrative films celebrating 3 different kinds of love, with a focus on how Jollibee was a part of every Filipino's life. 

The videos garnered divided reactions but one thing's for sure - they definitely made an impact. 

But just when people were starting to get over the Jollibee commercials, a viral video featuring Jolibee is once again making waves! 

It was odd enough seeing Jollibee outside of a Jollibee branch, but what made it more interesting was the fact that the Jollibee mascot was pushing a car along with two guys across a highway. The mascot even made sure to give passers-by a wave or a pose. 

Many netizens who shared the video quipped about how far Jollibee would go just to make people happy. 

One netizen said, "Jollibee loves us so much." 

Another said "Di lang sa hugot magaling! Magaling din mag tulak!"

Another quipped in reference to the Valentine's Day series and captioned it with: "Bagong viral video by Jollibee, guys... "The Push.""

As of this writing, the video has already been viewed 315 thousand views. It also garnered about 2.6 thousand reactions and over 2 thousand shares. 

Watch it below:

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