Watch How Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Turned Up the Heat in Their 'Kilig' 'It's Showtime' Performance! MUST SEE!


Just a few days ago, Coleen Garcia shared a snapshot of boyfriend Billy Crawford’s romantic surprise for her. It sent the netizens swooning with ‘kilig’. The surprise was a beautiful bouquet of flowers which had a handwritten love letter addressed to ‘love.’ 

The actress’ caption didn’t do anything to calm the netizens down. She called Billy her “future husband,” a reference to the fact that the couple got recently engaged to each other in a low-key affair last December 2016. 

It could be remembered that Billy and Coleen's relationship blossomed when they were still fellow co-hosts of the noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ in 2012. Two years after, they announced that they are in a relationship. Of course, this did not erase the fact that things were awkward, as Billy just broke up with his ex, Nikki Gil. 

While rumors are that Coleen was the reason for the breakup, Billy denied that cheating was involved in his past break-up. Instead, they continued to show their affection for each other, particularly on social media where the two are fond of sharing pictures and posts together. 

In the February 13 episode of ‘It’s Showtime,’ the two former hosts made a reappearance on the variety show and made the dance floor sizzle with their outstanding, ‘kilig’-inducing performance.

ABS-CBN Entertainment uploaded a video that began with three pairs dancing to a remixed version of Ed Sheeran’s latest hit, "Shape of You." Suddenly, Coleen arrived ob the scene with a pink, body-hugging suit and showed off her dance moves. A minute later, her boyfriend Billy came to the dancefloor as well. 

Watch the couple turn up the heat with their sizzling performance! 

What do you think about their dance moves? Pretty hot, isn’t it? Tell us your thoughts below! 
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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