WATCH HERE: Wife Catches Husband With His Mistress!


Infidelity remains to be one of the number one cause of divorce and separation in the world.

There are different kinds of infidelity. For single people, it's when the lover two-times. For married folks, it's when a spouse clings to an affair other than her wife/husband.

On an episode of GMA 7's Karelasyon, a true-to-life story about a cheating husband was portrayed.

In one of the key scenes of the episodes, the wife portrayed by Lovi Poe found out that her husband is not home yet. She then went to the only place she knows her husband would be. True to her instinct, she caught him kissing another girl.

She then confronted him when he got home, telling that this wasn't the only time Joel was caught with a mistress.

In the Philippines, there are a lot of cases like Alma's. There are many Joels around who break their partners' hearts.

What do you think of Alma's story? 
Source: TNP , YouTube

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