WATCH: He was Asking His Mother For A Computer Then This Happened! HEARTBREAKING!


February 14 has once again come and it's time for the celebration of the Valentines day! It is that one time of the year, where couples surprise each other with bouquets, sweets, balloons and other romantic things. Many of them go on romantic dates. Not all people enjoy this day though, especially those who are single, or have just gone through a breakup

But this one video went viral across the Internet and reminded everyone about the love we often take for granted-- the love of our parents

The video starts with a boy narrating how his mother doesn't love him. He was hurting about how his mother wouldn't make time for him, or wouldn't even listen to him. He tried excelling in school and the arts, but his mother kept on ignoring him.

One day, he had a fight with his mom and he asked her for a computer. He had been hoping to have his own laptop to develop his art. But his mother refused, saying that they cannot afford it. So he threw a fit and shouted at her.

The next day, he received a call about his mother's death. He was surprised and didn't have any idea that his mother was enduring a terminal disease. He then discovered a box in his mother's belongings. He was shocked to learn that his mother was saving up money for him all this time as she knew that she would die soon.

The video touched the hearts of many netizens reminding us to love our parents while we still have the chance to do so. It already garnered 30 thousand reactions and over 36 thousand shares.

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Source: TNP, Facebook

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