WARNING: This Is The Reason Why Parents Should Always Know Where Their Children Are at All Times! Must Watch!


Children are often perceived as special gifts from God. Therefore, they must receive utmost love and care from their parents. Aside from their daily needs, their security should be on top of their parents’ priority for them. Their safety should always be assured.

Unfortunately, there are unavoidable circumstances where parents fail to take their children away from imminent dangers. One example of this would be the video below.

This breath-taking video just taught its viewers especially parents to always look out for their children. Children especially toddlers do not have the enough ability to assess if they are doing a dangerous activity or not. They do not have the capacity to secure their own safety.

In this video, a toddler can be seen dangerously playing outside a room’s window sill. What made the viewers hold their breath is that the child’s room was located at the top of an assumed 15 to 20-story building. The innocent child played for almost two-minutes in that risky spot without any adult supervision. It can also be observed that the little kid was unaware of his actions and seemed to be enjoying what he was doing.

At the latter part of the video, the child almost fell from the building! His innocence showed that if he made a wrong turn or step, he would be found lifeless in the bottom of the hotel.

What happened next is a must-see! Check out the footage below:

The video enraged the netizens as they expressed disappointment over the ‘carelessness’ of the child’s parents. the comment section of the video uploaded by NTD Television was bombarded with snide remarks coming from concerned netizens. Some of them assumed that a guardian angel saved the kid from danger.

“My heart’s pounding while watching this video guardian angel truly exist God is really great for sending them to protect us AMENRio San Juan Tamayo wrote.

Another Danielle Brinck said: “Omg I was absolutely terrified watching this, I thought I was going to have a heart attack and throw my phone across the room. I was about to burst into tears. What the hell were they doing that they didn’t notice their baby is on damn window sill!?!?!!!!”

Jennifer Carlsen reminded parents with frustration: “WTF Parents WATCH YOUR KIDS!!!!”

What would be your advice for parents to avoid these kind of circumstances? Let us know in the comment section below!
Source: TNP , NTD

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