Vina Morales In Danger of Being Jailed After Avi Siwa Files Several Cases Against Her Because of This!


Model and host Avi Siwa filed several cases against Vina Morales after the singer-actress threw derogatory remarks at her in a bar in BGC.

According to Siwa, the incident happened December 4, 2016 at Bank Bar in BGC. The model was with her friends and were having a good time, when she suddenly heard a group talking about her.

"Haha, ayan si Avi Siwa o buntis na naman nakakahiya at sinong ama? Haha."

She looked towards the voice's direction and saw Vina Morales doing hand gestures around her tummy, while her friends are laughing. Siwa tried to ignore the singer-actress' bullying, but Vina approached her and challenged her to a fight.

She also teased her about his ex-partner's support for her pregnancy.

"Bastardo anak mo! At least si Ceana ni-recognize ni Cedric at Malaki suporta… E, sa’yo, 28K lang haha. Kawawa ka!"

Ceana is Vina's daughter with businessman Cedric Lee. Vina is now in a relationship with Marc Lambert,  Siwa's ex-partner and father of her first child.

Due to Vina's scandalous remarks, Siwa's friends invited her to just transfer to another bar.

But Morales  didn't stop and threatened to punch Siwa.

The model filed libel, slander by deed, grave threats and violation of RA7610 known as Violation Against Women and Children at Taguig Prosecutor's Office.


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