VIDEO: This Man Catches The World's Deadliest Snake With His Bare Hands! Must Watch!


This man just earned the monicker 'Legendary Snake Catcher' after using nothing but his bare hands in capturing a venomous and deadly king cobra.

King Cobras are known all around the globe for being extremely venomous and deadly. Their single bite could release enough amount of neurotoxin to slay 20 people and an elephant. This is the reason why people are afraid of these monsters.

However, an unidentified man just proved that king cobras are not in any way dangerous for him as he was able to grab this reptile using only his bare hands.

In a video uploaded by online user Atiwit Labyosthannasi, a man can be seen subduing a deadly reptile so he could place it inside a sack. According to reports from and, the king cobra was seen roaming around the village of Saraburi in Central Thailand. The frightened villagers called their local snake catchers for help.

When this brave man arrived, he immediately did numerous tactics to lure the serpent. In a matter of seconds, he was able to grab its tail and take full control of it as he pushed the snake's head down the ground with his hands. Amazingly, the Legendary Snake Catcher was able to place the venomous snake inside a white sack without using any tool that could hurt the reptile. 

Although his act is amazing, people should not copy him. When a situation like this is handled incorrectly, it may result in fatalities either for the animal or the human. It is still advised to turn to professionals in dealing with wild animals.

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Source: TNP, SizzlingFeed

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