Vice Ganda's Mother Cries on 'Magandang Buhay' After This Happened! Watch This!


The love that Vice Ganda has for his mother is evident and remains constant.

It is truly touching and heartwarming how the comedian climbed his way to the top of the showbiz industry in the name of love for his family.

On a recent episode of 'Magandang Buhay' aired by ABS-CBN on February 10, Vice Ganda and his mother exchanged heartwarming messages that had many viewers crying in our seats.

"I cannot still comprehend and believe what you have already accomplished in your life, and it is very humbling for a mother to have a son like you," Vice said as he read his mother's letter to him.

"I just hope and pray you will be happy and at peact with whatever comes. Just remember anak, Nanay and your family is always here for you." The letter added.

Although Vice Ganda tried to turn the situation light as he poked fun of the letter's content every once in a while, it did not take away from how touching it was.

The comedian later turned serious as he responded with his own heartwarming message to his mother.

His mother, seated beside her son, broke out into tears after hearing Vice's moving message. It is not frequent that we see the comedian act serious, however, his mother is a truly special case.

"Hindi ko maisip na dumating yung araw na di ko makita yang ngiti na yan, kasi kapag di ko na nakita yang ngiti na yan wala ng punto para magpakahirap pa ako at magtrabaho ako, wala ng dahilan para magpuyat ako, wala ng dahilan para gumawa ako ng pelikula." Vice said.

"At kapag hindi ko na nakita yang ngiti na yan, wala ng dahilan para magpangiti ng ibang tao," he added.

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Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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