'Uwian Na May Nanalo Na' Minola Takes Home the Crown with This New Commercial That Will Surely Leave You Gaping at the End!


Jollibee has become the talk of the town for days after releasing three heartwarming and totally tear-jerking commercials on social media that quickly became viral within mere minutes. 

However, someone else won the social media community's heart after another company also released their Valentine's ad.

Entitled "Healthier ang Relationships", this ad will leave you at the brink of your seat!

"May mga taong araw-araw iba-iba ang gusto, paminsan-minsan kakaiba ang gusto, ako wala nang ibang gusto..."

Watch the video below!

Check out how the netizens reacted to the video with these comments!

"Panalo ito.. papalitan ko na ang mantika sa bahay! Minola na..," said Gian Carlo Gutierrez.

"After watching 90% of the video i thought i was crap... while watching the rest of the video.. I'd say.. its the best haha... didn't expect it though haha," commented Ian Michael Villas Catiloc.

"uwian na may nanalo na valentines commercial talo entries ng jollibee puta watch till end," told Gian Price.

What do you think? Which Valentine's commercial touched you the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!
Source: TNP , Facebook

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