Nine-year-old Boy Shares His Feelings Everyday With The Twin He Lost - A Truly Heartbreaking Story!


Twins have always held the imagination of of many cultures throughout history. It’s always a wonderful surprise to find out that a mother is having two babies.

According to studies, 1 out of 30 babies born in the USA is a twin

Whether “identical" or “fraternal”, a pair of twins can easily bring life to a household with their very presence. 

Due to the circumstances of their birth, a pair of twins (especially identical ones) might share many things in common due to their same DNA. Some people believe that twins hold a psychic connection and even feel the other’s pain. Whatever the link might be, a twin will always find comfort and company in their sibling.

That is why this bittersweet viral photo has touched the hearts of many netizens. 

33-year-old mother Brooke Myrick shared a picture of her son, Walker Myrick leaning against a tombstone which circulated social media back in 2012. Walker was talking to the person in the grave and telling him all about his day.

Losing a family member is a sad occasion, but the identity of the person buried is especially painful for 9-year-old Walker and his family. The grave belongs to his twin.

In this photo, Walker visits his late brother to talk to him about a very special moment he wished to share – his exciting first day of school. 

“It gave me a sense of peace to see he picked up a connection with his brother.” Brooke said. 

“He feels like his brother watches over him, he’s always felt that way.” 

Walker’s brother died in his mother’s womb from a rare condition called Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome or TTTS. TTTS is a disease that affects identical twins during pregnancy – specifically the placenta (or afterbirth) that houses the pair while in the womb.

Identical twins are susceptible to this syndrome because they share a common monochorionic placenta. That means that one of the twins becomes overloaded with blood. 

Now every year Brooke and her family participate in the “Walker and Willis Birthday Walk”, which aims to bring awareness to this rare condition to any other family expecting twins.

For now, Walker will always keep the memory of his brother alive and will visit him often to talk about his day.

Truly a brother’s love won’t fade away so easily.

Watch the video for the bittersweet details here.

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