Tricky! Bear Plays Dead After Getting Shot and Attacks Hunter Who Thought He Was Dead


Some people find animal hunting to be cruel. They believe that it is cruel to hunt animals who peacefully live their lives in the forest with no intention of hurting anybody. So when the tables turn and hunters get the karma they deserve, it really is entertaining.

Caught on video from a forest in America, a hunter gets attacked by his prey bear after it wisely played dead.

At the start of the short clip, the shooter clad in the standard hunting gear was preparing for the kill as he eyed a black bear up in a tree far from where he stood.

Aside from the shooter and the other guy manning the camera, another man stood at the base of the tree waiting for the kill to collect the body of the supposedly dead animal.

After a couple of shots that had the bear scrambling way up the tree to save his dear life, the third shot did the trick as the bear fell from the tree.

Assuming that it died, the man at the base of the tree did not hesitate as he ran hastily to what he thought was an already dead bear. 

The act of letting his guard down did not serve him well after the bear quickly attacked him leaving him screaming in terror.

According to Elite Readers who shared the video, the man only sustained minor injuries. However, what happened to the bear has not been disclosed.

The online community, however, sympathized for the unfortunate bear. Some went overboard though by wishing for the three's demise for disturbing the bear. 

Watch the video below and tell us what you think about the incident!

Source: TNP, EliteReaders

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