This Touching Story of a Jeepney Driver and His Son Will Make You Cry! Read It Here!


It’s been said that a parent would starve themselves if only to feed their children. Oftentimes a parent’s suffering is kept hidden because they would do anything to provide for their children. 

This inspiring story shows us the deep bond between a bright young boy and his devoted father.  

Netizen Monique Contacto shared her touching encounter with a jeepney driver and his son on Facebook. Contacto, a law student, was reading her codal (1987 Philippine Constitution) when the curious young lad approached her and asked about the book.

Contacto recalled: 

Bata: Ate ano yan? Bakit madami kulay?? 
Me: Codal to naka highligth lang. 
Bata: Para san yan? 
Me: Sa pag aaral ng batas. 
Bata: Ano ka ba? 
Me: Law student haha

The curious young boy then asked Contacto what she was going to do after that. She said she planned on finishing her studies to become a registered lawyer in order to help people.

What the boy said afterward completely surprised the law student.  

He asked Contacto if Jesus was the one who told her to pursue a career in law. Astonished, she answered that her life had taken her to that point so perhaps “Bro” (Jesus) wanted her to become a lawyer. 

Inspired by what the law student said, the young lad turned to his father and said he wanted to be a lawyer as well.

Tatay: Naku anak! Mahal yan! 
Bata: mag bebenta naman ako ng sampaguita pag Linggo tay tapos iipunin ko yun sa lata ko para hindi kana mag jeep.
Tatay: Anak huwag na huwag ka mag benta. Trabaho ni tatay yun. Kung kelangan ko gapangin sige. Pag tyatyagaan ni tatay. 
Bata: promise mo pa kay Bro mag aaral rin ako gaya ni ate? 
Tatay: Oo anak, promise yan kay Bro. 
Bata: Mahal kita pa! 
Tatay: Mas mahal kita anak. Upo kana baka malaglag ka.

That’s when the law student truly understood the sacrifices made by her parents. She also had an epiphany - God has a way of providing us with the strength and inspiration to pursue our dreams.

What a truly amazing story!


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