This Teen Disappeared After Saving A Girl And What Happened 65 Years Later Is Totally Unexpected!


While 12-year-old Kip Malone was walking to a store in Newfoundland, Canada, to buy butter for his mom, he noticed a house burning nearby.

On the morning of December 20, 1951, Kip heard the grandmother on the top floor of the house screaming and begging for help.

She cried, "Save the children!

Kip, even at his young age, dashed into the blazing house. Amidst the smoke filling the air, he found a terrified 5-year-old girl. He immediately saved her but she refused to go out without her 3-year-old sister who was nowhere to be found at the time.

With his determination, Kip fought the fire and looked for the younger girl. He barged into a random room and there, under the bed, he found the 3-year-old.

The three quickly got out of the house. 

Kip never heard from them since. He never knew that the house fire killed the girls’ grandmother, and that their family never brought up the tragedy again because it was a painful memory.

The girls grew up never knowing that they were rescued by Kip on that near-death experience.

Kip went on with his life and moved to Ontario. He eventually got married and made a family with his wife. After almost seven decades, the couple decided to retire and move back to Kip's hometown.

Shortly after, they were visited by a knock on the door. It was their new next-door neighbor, Margaret Fowler. They all got to chatting and when Kip recalled the memory of the house fire, Margaret was left dumbfounded by what she heard.

It turns out she was one of the two girls who survived the 1951 fire thanks to Kip.

All of them were amazed by the coincidence for they never thought they would ever meet each other. Finally, Margaret put a face to the man they owe their lives to. 

Their story got featured on CBC News and it shocked the viewers, making the video viral online.

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