This Teacher Got Arrested For Kissing Students, Saying His Tongue 'Fell Accidentally into Their Mouths!'


Perverts are indeed everywhere, that's why we can't secure our safety, not even in our own houses or schools.

Just recently, an elementary school substitute teacher Pete Garcia Hernande got himself arrested for "inappropriate sexual contact."

The 49-year-old who was supposed to be educating students got reported for three counts of indecency with a child following complaints from parents that he touched and kissed three girls in his first-grade class. 

Hernandez initially denied the accusations. Eventually, he reasoned that his tongue “accidentally” fell on three of his pupils’ mouths.

Those incidents happened at the time he's filling in for a class at Looscan Elementary School between October 24 to November 24, 2016.

The three female students told authorities that their teacher did nasty things to them. He kissed them on the mouth, touched their chests, and had asked them to sit on his lap.

Hernandez argued that he was speaking to the students from a close distance so his tongue fell unexpectedly and landed on their mouths. He admitted that due to their lesson about the “force of motion," he entertained lascivious thoughts while the students were on his lap.

On the Houston Independent School District statement, they assured that they are taking action on the incident. 

“[Houston Independent School District] takes situations such as this very seriously, as the safety of students is always the district’s top priority.”

Similar to what Hernandez is accused of, an "accident" of molesting minors were also pointed to a Saudi businessman who allegedly penetrated an 18-year-old. It occured in Southwark, London. 

The 46-year-old Saudi millionaire had an alibi that his penis was only poking out of his underwear when he tripped over the teen. He eventually got away with it and pleaded "not guilty" after the trial.

This Teacher Got Arrested For Kissing Students, Saying His Tongue 'Fell Accidentally into Their Mouths!'
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